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Digital Solution - IAB Billboard

What Is It?

The IAB Billboard is served as a Rich Media frequency capped third party tag. Art for the IAB Billboard can be supplied as 970x250 Flash file (FLA) or as a single image 970x250 image file.(PNG, JPG or GIF). News Herald Media provides third party tag creation and serving via Pointroll. Detailed information on creating Rich Media IAB Billboards is available on request.

Supported Placements

Front pages and section fronts

Ad Unit Specifications

Creative Size:                                    970x250 with a 88x31 leave behind

Format:                                              Supplies as a 970x250 image file and an 88x31 leave behind, or as a frequency capped, pushdown, Rich media third party tag

Maximum Initial File Load Size:           Images (largest file size, quality), Videos (largest file size, quality), Leave-Behind (8kb), Vector Logo (n/a)

Maximum Looping:                            -

Audio Permitted:                               Yes, on user click

Allows 3rd Party Serving?                 -

Z-Index:                                             -

Frequency Cap:                                 1 auto-delivery per session, per calendar day (not 24hr period). If the user has already seen the ad once they will see the collapsed unit instead on all subsequent page views for that calendar day

Animation Duration Max:                   -

Flash Specifications  

Flash Versions:                                Published for Flash Player 8-10

Action Script:                                   AS2 or AS3 published only as Rich Media vendor API

Frame Rate:                                     Up to 24fps

Third Party

Max Expandable Size (3rd Party Served):               -

Expandable Direction:                                             -

Additional File Weight (Polite Load):                      TBD

Controls:                                                             Includes actionable leave-behind unit that will re-animate full-sized unit on click. Includes Stop, Pause, Play, Audio buttons

Additional Comments

Responsive units require the submission of all ad sizes. Templates for advertisers who wish to develop their own responsive units will be available at some point after launch. Due date TBD. In the meantime, the Sales Manager will initiate conversation with agency contacts regarding build-out timelines and development process upon receipt of signed IO.

For Pricing, Availability And More Information Contact Jeff Coppler, Sales Manager At Jcoppler@Gannett.Com Or Call 419-332-5511

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