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3 Tips to Drive Email Marketing Success

Tommy Spalding is a Client Strategy Manager at Courier-Journal Media.


Findings from a survey of more than 1,000 auto shoppers on digital marketing and their purchase decision.

Earlier this year, G/O Digital conducted a survey of more than 1,000 auto shoppers to determine how digital marketing fits within the 24 various touchpoints used to shape their purchase decision. While the study revealed a lot about the role search plays, it also revealed insights into how shoppers engage with email marketing.

Here are three tips to drive email marketing success:

1. Get Personal

Today’s marketing professionals have more data on consumers than any other point in history. This is particularly true within the automotive segment. Unfortunately, few understand how to apply it to their marketing strategy and messaging.

Successful marketers understand who their target audience is, what they are shopping for and where they stand in the purchase journey. Neglecting to craft your message so that it aligns with consumers’ needs can be more harmful than not sending an email at all. According to the results of G/O Digital’s survey, 1-in-3 consumers would be irritated and resentful toward a dealership if they were sent an email that didn’t speak to their needs or interests.

Conversely, your chances of converting consumers from an email to your website increases dramatically when you personalize the message to include specific vehicle features to fit their interests.

2. Make Your Best Offer

The email subject line is critical to capturing consumers’ attention. You have only a nanosecond to convince consumers to open the email. Price and selection remain primary triggers in the minds of auto shoppers, so don’t waste time getting to the point.

Include sales incentives and limited offers in your subject line to drive a better response. Almost half of respondents say that current sales and discounts in the subject line of an email will increase their likelihood to open the email.

3. Have a Mobile Mindset

The number of consumers owning mobile devices has exploded in recent years.

This increased usage of mobile devices has disrupted the traditional car buying/selling process for both consumers and dealerships. A recent Placed study and subsequent report titled“Showrooming At The Dealership” revealed that 81 percent of auto shoppers used smartphones to research their vehicle purchase, including 63% who used their smartphone while physically at the dealership.

Today’s consumers have a mobile mindset, and so should you. Not doing so could have a costly impact on your email marketing efforts. In fact, 61-percent of respondents to the G/O study say they’d immediately delete an email from a car dealership if it was not optimized for their mobile device. Furthermore, and perhaps even more detrimental, 12 percent would unsubscribe to future emails from your dealership.

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